The CryptoRaff NFT Journey:

Charl Ruthenberg
3 min readDec 14, 2021


The CryptoRaffNFT collection is one that involves the talk about women and their rights, as well as how we uphold ourselves in times of difficulties. This collection takes on the embodiment of a Giraffe to portray what identity and gender equality as well as what trust means to us. The giraffe stands as a symbol for equality, her sturdy legs as a symbol for a strong foundation and her neck an epitome of trust and courage. It has been this way in most parts of Africa for generations and up till today the giraffe is a sacred animal that provides a great many people comfort as well as the need to embrace pacifism.


Each giraffe is different and each one symbolizes something that we all can relate to. Our collection takes a different approach towards the outward appearance you might have seen a giraffe have. Even so, it is way cooler to see something different, but yet tell a story.

For us, peace can mean a variety of things. Peace can mean a giraffe with a headphone, smoking a blunt, a crown and a mask, a bandana, spades or something different to evoke a certain emotion that stays true to us. This project wasn’t just created for the sake to fill up the blockchain it was to tell a story. A story that preaches the need for NFT Artists (men and women) in general to be able to express themselves in any form and be confident enough to not be judged. To be free in their own skin, as we try to do in our everyday live.

Community & Outreach:

As a budding community just starting out our job is to contribute and communicate a message to artists, creators and collectors through art. One story at a time, and our ambition is for everyone to participate. To engage one way or another, to help us build a community for all through NFT.

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Charl Ruthenberg

Charl is an artist who tells stories of culture, identity and sexuality using 2D and 3D, code, doodles and abstract art to convey a message. They love French…